Poached Egg with Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam

Poached Egg with Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam Elevating poached eggs to “fancy” isn’t new news. Doing so without the effort of Hollandaise is good news. Trust me, I’m not taking a shot at Benedicts, I love them too. This simple medley of McEvoy Ranch Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam, a Red Bird Bakery English muffin, perfectly cooked ranch egg and arugula sprouts is a perky and fancy alternative that is quick to the table. Model Bakery in Napa makes some killer English muffins as well, and there is nothing wrong with the good old brand in the orange and white package with the nooks and crannies....you know who I’m talking about. (Model Bakery ships but a trip to Napa and Oxbow Market is never a bad idea).

If you have the option to buy from a local ranch or farmers market and can get fresh pastured eggs, you will notice a difference. Pastured eggs will have a yellow-orange yolk that delivers rich flavor.

Good eggs are an important part of the success of this dish. My favorite local egg supplier is Silver Sky Ranch in Petaluma. They sell at the Vets Building Farmers Market on Saturday in Santa Rosa as well as the East Side Market on Tuesday in Petaluma. Smoky Sweet Tomato JamToast your choice of English muffin, generously spread on some Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam and top with a poached egg cooked to your perfect temperature. You can then add arugula or arugula sprouts and dive in. If you are using arugula, remember to dress your greens with a little olive oil and salt so it isn’t like eating grass. Some melty cheese on top would round things out if you are feeling cheesy. If you are geared up - a little Hollandaise wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings either! Enjoy with some bubbly or a glass of McEvoy Ranch Rosebud Rosé.