Tuscan oil tends to taste more peppery, pungent, and green than other olive oils due to its relatively high polyphenol level. To harvest in advance of winter freezes, Tuscan farmers pick their crops earlier than farmers from other regions in Italy, when the fruit is still a mix of green and purple. This practice of early harvest yields a more pungent oil.

At McEvoy Ranch, our harvest generally spans mid-November to mid-December to create an oil with this classic Tuscan flavor profile. The ranch orchards consist of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, Maurino, Leccio del Corno and Coratina trees.

Some examples of Tuscan oil blends follow. The non-Tuscan addition of Puglia’s Coratina variety is added for pungency.

35% Frantoio
35% Moraiolo
20% Leccino
5% Coratina
5% Pendolino and/or Maurino (for pollination)

40% Frantoio
40% Moraiolo
10% Coratina
5% Leccino
5% Pendolino and/or Maurino (for pollination)

20% Frantoio
20% Moraiolo
50% Leccino
10% Pendolino and/or Maurino (for pollination)

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  1. Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - Case (375mL)

    Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - Case (375mL)

    Steeped in the Italian tradition of creating a "New Oil," our 2018 bottling can be summed in one word - GREEN. Phenomenal notes of green olive, raw artichoke, freshly cut grass, and the herbaceous flavors of bitter greens and green tea. There's an ever so slight hint of cinnamon from the Leccino olive that enthralls us. Balanced with just a bit of bitterness so you know it is Olio Nuovo with a pungency in the throat that reminds you why old traditions are good to keep. learn more »
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    Farmer's Market

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    Olive Orchard

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    Citrus Orchard

    This lemon-themed gift set includes a 375ml bottle of our Lemon Olive Oil (done in the traditional Agrumato method of simultaneously crushing olives with organic lemons), a jar of Lemon Marmalade, Citrus Olives for an easy appetizer, and a hand juicer crafted from olive wood for those moments when life gives you lemons...and you make lemonade. learn more »