Croissants and Jam

Della Fattoria Croissant There should be a day to celebrate croissants. The light, buttery, crunchy treat originally came to France from Vienna. There is some spin that Marie Antoinette required them to be made in France as she was homesick for a taste of her native Vienna. Regardless of their origin, they captured France and then moved across the pond. Sara Lee built an empire on frozen croissants and pound cake - remember? Dominique Ansel created a frenzy in New York and beyond with his mutation, the Cronut. Sugarbloom in LA and Supermoon Bakehouse in New York take the ingredient list to the moon and back - savory and sweet.

So, can simple still satisfy? I say if you have Della Fattoria Downtown Cafe producing a high quality croissant with high quality local ingredients - the answer is a resounding YES!

Della Fattoria Chocolate Croissant Add in some delicious McEvoy Ranch Triple Berry Jam, Orange Marmalade and/or local Wildflower Honey and suddenly, it’s anything but simple! Straus Family Creamery, another partner in the local food shed, provides a rich, European-style butter from pasture fed cows. It's the perfect pairing to these already decadent delights on this #NationalCroissantDay. Enjoy! Easy like Sunday morning ...