Savory Fig Jam

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This Savory Fig Jam 9.5 OZ uses ripe, juicy figs blended with richly flavored caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar to make a truly irresistible jam. This just might become your favorite condiment for just about anything. 

  • Pair with a high-quality Camembert, Stilton, or a decadent Triple Crème cheese and enjoy with a glass of wine.
  • A small log of goat cheese with a bit of this jam on top is a great appetizer as well.
  • Use as a glaze for ham, turkey, chicken, or pork for an effortless five-star meal.
  • Mix it with our estate-produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lightly heat, then pour over your favorite greens with your choice of cheese for a simple yet decadent warm salad.
  • Make a brie, bacon, and Savory Fig Jam grilled cheese with fresh sourdough.

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