2022 Wildflower White Blend

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Coda di Volpe is often said to make fruity wines of medium to full body while Falanghina tends toward citrus and floral. Tocai Friulano falls somewhere in between, with a touch of minerality. The 2022 Wildflower blend has a noticeably floral (hence the name) aroma from both the Tocai and the Falanghina grapes, and a nice mid-palate richness from the Coda di Volpe. The acidity in 2022 is much brighter than in 2021 and gives the wine a lovely juicy quality that makes it exceedingly thirst-quenching. Maybe even more than the 2021, I find this to be a lovely aperitif, best sipped by itself, or perhaps with some salted nuts or crudités.

This wine is part of our Postcards from the Ranch series and is inspired by the incredible wildflowers that fill the 550-acre Ranch we call home. Guests can view them while taking a walking tour of the Ranch that is offered year-round.


Harvested: October 4, 2022
Appellation: Mendocino County
Vineyard: Nube Bianco
Growing Method: Sustainable
Bottled: July 7, 2023
Composition: 25% Coda di Volpe, 25% Falanghina, 50% Tocai Friulano
Fermentation: Native yeast
Barrel Aging: Concrete egg and stainless barrels
ABV | pH | TA: 12.8% | 3.03 | 7.8 g/L
Production: 140 cases