McEvoy Ranch’s partnership with Sola Bee Farms began through a shared love of quality products, sustainability, and education. With these 3 similar passions, not to mention sharing backgrounds in family-run agriculture, our partnership has thrived. We are thrilled to provide Sola Bee’s all-natural honey to McEvoy Ranch customers.


Like the bees that they care for, Sola Bee recognizes the importance of working together to create something incredible. Along with their 20+ employees, they partner with local farmers and ranchers across California’s Napa and Marin counties to keep the bees healthy. This has led to a range of honeys, each with distinct flavors, that are named after the regions in which the bees have worked. Each of these honeys contains no additives, delivering only the most natural form of delicious honey to their happy customers. These raw, unfiltered honeys are works of pure love from both the bees and the workers. Sola Bee puts as much care and detail into their honey as we do into our olive oil, and that’s impressive!











McEvoy Ranch has met a kindred spirit in Sola Bee, particularly in the field of sustainability. Sola Bee runs their farm completely off of solar power and provides a year-round haven for wildlife, being home to over a dozen species of birds. This ecosystem benefits not only the land, but their products as well. Their bees require variations within the land–particularly pollen, trees, and shrubs–to make the best honey. Additionally, Sola Bee only pulls the excess honey from each hive in small batches, ensuring that the bees stay happy, healthy, and buzzing! These wonderful stewards take care of the land so that it can also care for them (and all of us)!

Their sustainable practices go beyond just their sweet harvest, though. The harvested honey is packaged with recycled materials including post-consumer paper, recycled glass, and soy ink labels. Finally, they use gravity filtration and low-heat processing from their solar panels to put the finishing touches on their truly sustainable production.



Sola Bee, like us, is passionate when it comes to educating the world about the benefits of healthy, natural products. While McEvoy Ranch focuses on the benefits of early-harvest olive oil, Sola Bee hones in on the health and wellbeing of bees. Working with and educating others about bees is a joy for the dedicated workers of Sola Bee. In the words of Claire T, Director of Brands & Co-owner of Sola Bee, “[It’s] Always exciting and different. Every day is an adventure. You never know what you're going to be doing that day. You're always responding to the needs of the bees. Observing and witnessing the important part of agriculture.”

We are honored to work with such a dedicated and passionate partner, and look forward to providing our customers with quality foods that are healthy, sustainable and, most of all, delicious.

Shop our Wildflower Honey Collection and explore all that Sola Bee Farms has to offer!

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Meet Our Partner: Bee-hind the Scenes with Sola Bee Farms

Meet Our Partner: Bee-hind the Scenes with Sola Bee Farms