Olive oil has been used in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years, gaining a rich heritage within that sphere of cuisine. Though we embrace the long history of this incredible superfood, we want to continually push the geographical boundary line to encompass a variety of the world’s cooking traditions. We hope to expand the perceptions around how olive oil can be experienced with a tone of inclusivity, hospitality, and authenticity.

With a diverse group of employees and customers, we are continually inspired to create olive oils that reflect the flavors of multiple places worldwide. We desire to meet everyone within their cultural contexts by becoming a part of their everyday cooking and providing an inclusive gastronomic experience. “No matter what kind of delicious cuisine is simmering on someone’s stovetop or roasting in their oven, we want to play a part in creating the meals that sustain them and their loved ones,” says Samantha Dorsey, President of McEvoy Ranch.

In producing our Signature Olive Oil Collection, we were immensely excited by the delicious, flavorful potential of incorporating ingredients from various cultural culinary traditions. Ginger and turmeric have been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Indian medicine and cooking. They are bright and earthy in flavor with notable health properties unique to our Organic Ginger Turmeric Olive Oil. The Makrut lime leaves used to make our Thai Lime Olive Oil are essential to countless Thai recipes, herbaceous and mouthwatering. The medley of spices that create the distinct chai flavor in our Organic Chai Spice Olive Oil dates back more than five thousand years in India, a history grounded in the medicinal properties of these ingredients.

The culinary options are endless when using our Signature Olive Oil Collection, fulfilling our vision of offering a taste of diverse cuisines that branch out beyond any single cultural tradition. We hope that the deliciously unique flavors of these olive oils inspire you to experience various dishes, nourishing you and those you gather with for many meals to come.

  • Organic Ginger Turmeric Olive Oil: Aromas of freshly cut ginger with sweet, spicy, ginger-forward tasting notes and a grounded, earthy turmeric backbone. This year’s harvest is crafted using more ginger than last year, creating a fresh, bold, invigorating taste.
  • Thai Lime Olive Oil: Leafy aromas, earthy notes, and grassy olive flavor. It tastes like Asian fusion and Thai cuisine as if slivers of Makrut lime leaves were dropped into the dish. It has a perfectly balanced intensity to its flavor.
  • Organic Chai Spice Olive Oil: Gentle aromas of cinnamon stick are followed by the warm flavor of cardamom with sweet ginger on the palate. This year’s harvest is lively, with spice and pepper at the finish.

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    Our Desire to Educate & Innovate

    Our Desire to Educate & Innovate


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