Gifts for The Inviting Host

Off to a party or holiday gathering? Take a hostess gift that they will never forget! Promise, you will be invited back year-after-year!

Olive Oil Biscotti

The sweet almond flavor and satisfying crunch of our Olive Oil Biscotti will have you savoring every bite. Crafted with our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by local artisans True Delicious. Pair this sweet treat with a cup of McEvoy Ranch Dark Roast Coffee or tea with our Afternoon Tea Gift Set.  >>Read More

Afternoon Tea Gift Set

Experience the true luxury of Afternoon Tea with this curated gift set. Sip a warming and floral Oolong, perfectly steeped with a gold Farmhouse infuser and a touch of California honey. Sit back, relax with your favorite book, and enjoy your tea with a crisp piece of biscotti for the ideal evening.   Includes each of the following: Olive Oil Biscotti Milk Oolong Loose-Leaf Tea Mini Sonoma Wildflower Honey Mini Marin Wildflower Honey Gold Flower Farmhouse Tea Infuser Packaged in a custom Mc... >>Read More

Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set

Harvest: 2022 This non-alcoholic gift set is perfect for a night spent curled up with a blanket, your favorite movie, and a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. What better companions to this movie-time snack than a drizzle of spicy Jalapeño Olive Oil balanced with our refreshing Poplar Lane White Grape Juice? Grab a few friends, put on your favorite film, and redefine movie night with these elevated snacks.Includes each of the following: Jalapeño Olive Oil 100 ML 2022 Poplar Lane White Grape Jui... >>Read More

2-Piece Olive Oil Gift Pack

Harvest: 2022 This two-piece gift pack includes the estate-produced Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that started it all. Save $11 vs. buying olive oil individually. Includes the following 375 ML olive oil: • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaged in a beautiful, recyclable gift box. >>Read More

Herb Garden Hand Soap + Hand Lotion Set

We were inspired to create our Herb Garden Collection by the aromatic, culinary gardens outside of the country kitchen at our Ranch. The blend of Clary Sage and Rosemary essential oils in both our Herb Garden Hand Soap and Herb Garden Lotion will leave your skin feeling clean, nourished, and hydrated. This Gift Set includes each of the following: 8 OZ Herb Garden Hand Soap 8 OZ Herb Garden Lotion Stoneware Dispenser Tray Packaged beautifully in a McEvoy Ranch gift box.  Note: Herb Garden Lo... >>Read More

Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket

Wrap up and stay cozy with this exceptionally crafted blanket by Sackcloth & Ashes. Coming in four stylish designs, these blankets are made from recycled materials and produced in a water free, dye free, and chemical free process; all with comfort and durability in mind. Each blanket purchased enables a donation to the Committee on the Shelterless (COTS) in Petaluma, CA to improve lives within the homeless community. >>Read More

Liquid Gold Gift Set

Our Liquid Gold Gift Set is a true representation of California craftsmanship from McEvoy Ranch. A weighted gold pourer compliments our award-winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in this exceptionally crafted set.The Gift Set Includes Each of the Following:• Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ML• Farmhouse Modern Weighted Gold Olive Oil PourerPackaged in a custom McEvoy Ranch gift box making it gift-ready! Ribbon not included. >>Read More

Farmhouse Pottery Modern Gold Pourer

This high quality weighted bottle pourers fit perfectly on your McEvoy Ranch 375 ML Olive Oils and are fitted with a rubber cork to secure snugly in the bottle.The spout makes it easy to pour just-the-right-amount, while protecting your bottle from spills and stains.Add a pourer to any 375 ML bottle of McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil for the perfect gift, or treat yourself to this must-have accessory.NOTE: does not fit 100 ML bottles >>Read More

Gold Pineapple Pourer

This Special Edition Titanium Gold Pineapple Pourer adds a touch of whimsy to any bottle of McEvoy Ranch Wine or 375 ML Olive Oil. Made with a silicone rubber fitting, the pourer helps preserve the cleanliness of your bottle while also aerating your glass of wine! Add this pourer to any bottle for personalized gift or treat yourself to this must-have accessory. >>Read More

McEvoy Ranch Home Gift Set

Give the gift of a fresh, clean home with our curated McEvoy Ranch Home Gift Set. Formulated with the herbaceous cleansing aromas of Clary Sage and Rosemary, handcrafted to bring the outdoors into the home.This Gift Set Includes Each of the Following:• Herb Garden Dish Soap - 16 OZ • Herb Garden Hand Soap - 8 OZ • Herb Garden Olive Oil Kitchen Candle • McEvoy Wire Handle Brush Packaged in a custom McEvoy Ranch gift box with a beautiful hunter green satin ribbon. >>Read More

McEvoy Ranch Kitchen Essentials 3 Brush Set

Out with the old, and in with the NEW! Our beautiful, custom McEvoy Ranch Kitchen Essentials Brush Set is the perfect sink-side trio for a clean and sustainable home: Wood brushes are reusable and naturally antimicrobial Ideal for cleaning dishes, veggies, countertops, the bathroom, and so much more. Hang over the sink or in your bathroom for easy access Make sure to review the insert included with your set for care instructions. >>Read More

Cloud Olive Oil Dipping Dish

Our signature ceramic cloud dish makes a statement every time it's used. As you fill the terraced dish, you'll see a beautiful gradient hue. Add balsamic vinegar to create a little pool in the "cloud" base of the dish. Combine with a bottle of Estate-Produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make the perfect gift for every occasion. Size: 5 x 5 x 1 >>Read More