For over a decade, mixologists have begun shifting to ingredients found in culinary dishes for inspiration in their drinks. Vinegars and olive oils have taken a spotlight in these experiments for the many benefits they offer. Combining olive oil into your drinks adds a range of benefits, though most of the attention is given to two: flavor and mouthfeel.

FLAVOR - It’s no surprise that adding a few drops (or more) of an Agrumato Method olive oil would give a delicious flavor, but it’s the unique combinations possible that can turn your usual drink into something truly extraordinary. A Chai Spice Old FashionedHerbes de Provence Gin & Tonic, or the classic Oliveto featuring Lemon Olive Oil are just a few of the unique and delicious combinations. Bringing savory flavors into cocktails is only one of the reasons olive oil in cocktails is becoming popular, though. 

MOUTHFEEL - What is mouthfeel exactly? It is the physical sensation that food or drink creates on the tongue or the roof of your mouth. If you have ever taken a shot of olive oil (and we highly recommend it if you have not), you will immediately understand how adding olive oil to a cocktail can create a silky mouthfeel. It transforms your drink into a culinary-like experience that will have you experimenting with your favorite olive oil and alcohol combinations.


There are a few different ways to get the delicious flavor of olive oil into your drink.

1) The first of these is simply adding the olive oil directly. Whether you shake it, stir it, or add a few drops on top as a garnish, this is the quickest and easiest way to get the benefits of high-quality olive oil in your drink.

Try this method with a delicious Red Pepper Rita!

2) If you don’t like the idea of seeing your olive oil separated from your alcohol, adding an egg white as an emulsifier is a great option. While the drink will eventually separate, it drastically increases the time that this takes. Egg whites alongside the olive oil also add their own mouthfeel and are a wonderful carrier for the olive oil.

The  Oliveto is a popular drink featuring egg whites, lemon olive oil, and gin that is the perfect way to experiment with this method.

3) The final way of adding olive oil to your alcohol is called fat washing. While the name might be off putting, the flavors and mouthfeel that this can add to your alcohol certainly are not! This method is best used when you want to add olive oil to a larger quantity of alcohol rather than an individual drink.

To fat wash your alcohol, simply add your olive oil straight in and let it sit for at least a few hours at room temperature. Next, place the alcohol into the fridge or freezer until the olive oil solidifies. Skim the olive oil from the surface of the alcohol, and use it in your next cocktail! The silky mouthfeel and delicious flavor will remain.

You can experiment with this method and try fat washing gin to make yourself a lovely Herbes de Provence Gin & Tonic.


To ensure the best taste in your drinks, we recommend using only olive oil of the highest quality. Whether you want the peppery flavors of an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or the wide variety of flavors Agrumato Method Olive Oils can offer, using high-quality olive oil is an important part of the process.

Experiment with your favorites or, if you need a little inspiration, check out our Drinks recipe page. Cheers!

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